Sunday, November 6, 2011

Skippin' On Rainbows

Well, a whole lot has happened over the past few months. So much in fact, that I've clearly not had time to blog. Epic fail. In a nutshell, I've found the love of my life! That's right, folks, I've found my lobster (helllllooo, Friends reference).

He's perfect for me in every way and I've never been so happy in all my life. I love LOVE that he enjoys football & live music as much as me (hence my lack of blogging - things to do, football games and musically-talented people to see!) and he puts up with my insane dorkiness & outrageous moments of female-ness like a trooper. So, I'm happy to report that my life took an unexpected, ridiculously amazing left turn. Everything that happened this last year & half led me right to where I am today, and for that I am forever grateful!

He may be a Volunteer fan (hey, it's still SEC and I have to embrace the culture of my new home state) but I love him like crazy! (At least we can come together on Sundays for Titans games!)

Now if only my Florida Gators could step up their game so that EVERYTHING could be right in my world...  :/