Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Crawfish Named Paul

Yesterday was the 12th annual Ragin Cajun crawfish boil in downtown Nashville. JD bought us tickets weeks ago in anticipation of this tremendous event; him to eat a ridiculous amount of crawfish and me to partake in the all-you-can-drink beer. Then mother nature came along and decided to make it a wind chill of -30 (ok, so maybe I'm being a teensie bit dramatic) and took all the fun out of an outdoor festival. We actually had a good time despite the lack of sunshine and excessive shivering, and even met a couple new people. My fellow new Nashvillian Lara that I used to work with in Charleston (and was on my kickball team) came out with her bf too!
Batman building! (I still enjoy pointing it out every time I see it.)

LP Field across the river

Now I am not a fan of crawfish, in fact I had zero desire to eat any and the mere smell made my stomach churn. I had recalled trying one back in Mississippi and it was disgusting, so JD and I developed a system where he'd eat my crawfish portions and I'd drink his beer. I think he got a kick out of grossing me out with the little guys.

I still can't believe how many he scarfed down in no time - he is certainly a professional.

The best part was the guy walking around dressed as a crawfish. Since Lara and I had failed at getting a picture with the mascot Ozzie at the Nashville Sounds game the other night, it was imperative that we got a picture with the crawfish.

Great success! I asked him what the crawfish's name was to which he responded that in all the 12 years of the festival they still hadn't come up with a name. So I asked him what his name was and he said we'll just go with that instead. :)

As would be expected, our tummies got full pretty quickly so we didn't stay for the whole thing.

...on a positive note, we got commemorative cups. Oh, how I love a free cup!

It was nice to see the city light up as it got dark - I still haven't spent a ton of time downtown so it's all very exciting for me.

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