Friday, April 15, 2011

Walking in Memphis...errr...Nashville

The other weekend JD and I went downtown to walk around a little bit and investigate. We parked in front of the LP Stadium across the river from downtown so that we could walk over the big footbridge (and park for free of course!). The stadium seems a little small from the outside, but I've been informed they can cram a ton of people in there since it's kinda dug into the ground. I can not wait until football season rolls around again - I WILL see Tim Tebow play here!!!

My cute little car in front of the stadium :)

Yay, football!!

Walking over the footbridge

It was definitely a nice view of the city from the bridge. It looks a bit on the industrial side with all the old brown buildings on the river.

...and here is the tallest building downtown - the Batman tower. One would think my AT&T service would be outstanding everywhere given it's prominent logo at the top, but sadly this is not the case.
There's another good spot to see the city from on the other side of Vanderbilt. It's a big hill in town. I got to go up there the first time I came into town to see if I wanted to move here. It was back in January so the trees were a little on the bare and ugly side - at least then they aren't blocking people from being able to see the city. There were a few musicians up there at the time - apparently it is a popular place to jam out. One chick was even filming what we thought to be a ghetto fabulous music video up there.

Another area of town that's pretty cool is Centennial Park where the Parthenon is. I found this to be the most random encounter yet in the U.S. This is the kind of building I've seen over in Italy - what in the world is it doing in a park in downtown Nashville?!

So that's the gist of what I've seen in town thus far. We became easily side-tracked with cold beer at a few places near Broadway and cut the exploration short. :)

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