Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving Day

So we rolled into town with the U-Haul on Sunday, Feb 27th. (My last day at work had been Friday and then the packing up of the truck happened all night Friday and all of Saturday.) My family drove down from Indiana to help out with all the moving in festivities, and actually timed it perfectly as they arrived at the apartment complex within 5 minutes of us. I was quite nervous about seeing my place for the first time as I had never actually seen it in person - just through pictures and through input from a friend who was nice enough to scope out the complex for me. It all turned out good though in the end, I'm happy with my apartment location and the cost is way better than a lot of the other places I had looked at! Best of all, FREE TANNING!! :)

The tower o'boxes!
The kitchen (in shambles). My mother took charge and finished the entire kitchen while they were visiting.
I was sick of tripping over my bags of clothes, so we just squished them all into one of the bedroom closets! :)
What will be turned into the dining room.

Well, it was a bit of a squeeze getting everything from the spacious Charleston house to fit into a less than 1,000 sq ft apartment, but we made it work.

Here's the finished master bedroom (had to put one of the nightstands and the tall dresser drawer into the closets since the room is so small!)
I still have to take pictures of the rest of the place. This will probably happen soon to appease LC!

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