Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's not the beach, but it'll do!

It is officially hot out...finally!! I have been waiting over six months for this! It's a lovely 92 degrees out and I am loving every hot, sweaty, humid second of it!! JD wanted to go trout fishing so I tagged along. Him with his fishing vest, bait, and pole, and me with my swimming suit, beach bag, tanning oil and reading materials. (I saw this as an opportunity to soak up some sun - my absolute favorite activity!) We started out at a really cool river in Franklin by a small waterfall/rapid or whatever you'd call it. Nice and tranquil with just the sound of the rushing water. Unfortunately, there were tons of trees so laying out wasn't much of an option. I just sat back and enjoyed the surroundings.

I had to take a picture of the fishing ensemble because I found it rather amusing.

Right after he caught his first trout, a troop of extremely loud and dramatic kids showed up fishing with their granddad and the tranquility was gone. They managed to scare off all the trout so we gave up after a bit. We have now relocated to a random stream/mini river on the side of a highway. (No idea where we are except that we headed even further south on I-65 away from Nashville.) The new fishing spot isn't as pretty as the last one, but its away from all the trees so I can enjoy the weather! He won't share and let me fish at all (probably afraid I'll show him up with my mad fisherwoman skills) so in the meantime I've found a small level area next to the water below eye level from the road - let the sunbathing begin! Not an optimal location - I could do without the tons of bugs, cars roaring by, rocks I'm laying on, and people looking at me as they drive on the overpass...

Oh well, it's not the Florida beach, but it'll do! :)


Well, he successfully caught 3 trout during our fishing adventure (no thanks to me) - I see a fish dinner in my future! Here's the last little flopper.

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